Sunday, 30 August 2009

dead bird, new mexico

winnipeg pine

flight and lure (2.)

goldjaw/lightning field, pendant
(tin - jawbone [gathered from the lightning field] - gold - map)

'line by help of a rocket', pendant
(tin+silver - lass - whale - text - hinge - resin)

cornucopia, pendant
(silver - feather - flower - fishing twine)

puddles and gaps

pine puddle, pendant
(tin - treetops - resin - gold)

pine puddle, round pendant
(tin - treetops - resin - gold)

gap, small pendant
(tin - resin - photography - lass - gold)

gap/on the ledge, pendant
(tin - resin - photography - lass - text - gold)

flight and lure (1.)

fish fly, necklace
(silver - resin - feather - man from the sea)

whaler. pendant
(tin - glass - whaler)

diver, pendant
(tin - silver - resin - diver)

tree wing, brooch
(tree - wing - gold)

golden lion, necklace
(white door - wing - gold)

Friday, 21 August 2009

sunday funday

(here is a snippet of our sunny columbia rd sunday)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Hello you flowery folk who dropped by yesterday. we had fun. Welcome to our online abode.

We're building brick by brick a small shop at We will also be posting recent concoctions on here. If anything tickles your fancy drop a line to, we can easily arrange postage and payment through paypal.

Also feel free to get in touch regarding other things - ideas commissions events - we like to be stretchy. Bizarre requests and challenges please.

Keep up with the blog for news of our whereabouts - Columbia Road and beyond


Friday, 14 August 2009


Ingram&Spriggs camp in Vintage Heaven, 82 Columbia Rd this Sunday

/new collections- meat, flight and lure/

come a long sing a song and join the jamboree